Whether moving into a new home for the first time or upgrading your current property with the latest water heating technology, learning when to replace your water heater is essential to maintaining your home. We use hot water daily for everything from cleaning your family’s clothes to giving your baby a much-needed bath. In many locations, water heater installation also controls the overall cooling and heat systems inside the home, which is pretty crucial if you live in a cold climate.


The good news is that most traditional systems can last 8 to 12 years before needing water heater replacement. Tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years before the manufacturer suggests replacing them, although tankless water heaters can cost 4x more than a standard water heater. However, there are some sure signs that you should pay attention to when considering went to replace your current water heater.


How is Your Water Quality?

The leading indication that your water heater may be having an issue is the quality of the water being pumped throughout your house. Keep an eye out for any kind of discoloration that could be from sediments, rust or some other degradation of your hot water heater. It is always a safe bet to turn off the hot water and run the cold water for a moment if you suspect rust. If the cloudiness stays, it may be an issue with your pipes and not the hot water heater.


Are You Getting Enough Hot Water?

Another good indication as to whether or not you are still receiving the same amount of hot water as you have in the past. If you are taking a shower or cleaning dishes and the hot water seems to disappear quicker than usual, you may have an issue and need a water heater replacement. The most common cause of this is if sediment has built up in your tank so there is less space available for water to heat up.


Are You Hearing Funny Noises? 

If at any point when you are in your garage or the utility room where your hot water heater installation occurred, be sure to listen for any strange noises that may not have been present before. When a hot water heater is starting to get a little rundown, it is common to hear strange noises from the system. This may also signify that sediment has built up inside the water heater and is being moved around and hit against the sides.


Do You Have a Leak?

The clearest sign that it is time for a water heater replacement is if there is a leak. A water leak can cause mold and also damage the flooring, sheet rock and structure of your home.


In any of these situations, your best bet is to hire a professional team of water heater installers who understand the unique specifications and industry regulations to ensure a safe water heater solution. That is why you should contact the team at Just Water Heaters in Arizona. Our company only does water heater replacements. That means we can be in and out of your home quickly without sacrificing the professional installation you need to keep you and your family safe and enjoying hot water day and night. 


Visit our site or give us a call today to get a quote over the phone. We look forward to helping you with your water heater replacement.