Below is a list of everything that is required for a new water heater installation in Tucson. It is broken down into what is included in our cost and anything extra that could possibly be needed to bring your water heater up to code. These are all of our prices-we do not add any additional charges. NOTE: Regardless of who installs your water heater a permit is mandatory so make sure that is included in any quote you receive.

Included in Our Price

(needed on every installation)
Water Heater Tank: Included (view price list for cost)
Permit: Included ($125 value)
Installation: Included
Flex Water Lines: Included
Sediment Trap: Included
Relief Line: Included
Removal: Included


(Needed on case by case basis to bring heaters to code)
Ball/Inlet Valve: $12.50 (what is a ball valve)
Gas Valve: $11.50
Flex Gas Line: $11.50
Pan: $30.00
Flu Pipe: $60-$100
Combustible Air: Provided by HVAC contractor for additional charge (99% of the time it is already on site)