When you are looking to get a project done, the most logical thing to do is get 2 or 3 quotes and then pick the one that fits your budget and needs the best.

However, this is often difficult to do when you are getting a new water heater. Many plumbing company’s that you call will not give you a price over the phone. Their reasoning that they don’t know the whole situation and so cannot give you an accurate price unless they come to your home. Some will even charge a service fee to do this.

The reason they want to come to your house is because they know that you are busy and you are most likely to take the path of least resistance and hire them to do the job because they are there. No matter what the price. You think “$800? That sounds about right. They are here, they might as well fix it so I don’t have to worry about it” If you don’t hire them, you have to call another plumbing company and schedule another appointment and possibly pay another service fee to get another quote that may or may not be better than the company that is there.

At Just Water Heaters we don’t believe in this philosophy. We give you an honest price over the phone or on the price list on our website. We have a standard price for water heater installation depending on the size, brand and if it is gas or electric. Then, if we get to the job and find that you need code upgrades or something else we ONLY charge you for the parts, not labor. I can say that 95% of time we complete a water heater installation with no other charges.

So when you are calling around for prices ask a company these questions:

  1. What is your price for the installation of a XX gallon gas/electric water heater?
  2. Does this include a permit?
  3. Are their any other things that I could be charged for during the installation?

If they can’t give you an answer to any of the above questions, hang up and call someone else. Hopefully Just Water Heaters at 520-488-0816.