For the last 40 years I have done almost all of my own home maintenance and repairs including installing my water heaters and would consider myself as having an extensive level of knowledge of home repairs. As I am now a little older it is time to turn these jobs over to a professional. Knowing how the work should be performed gives me concern that someone else might not have the same level of interest in doing the job right as one would have on their own property. After calling Just Water Heaters and speaking to the owner Frank Sayne and hearing from him how he would do the job I gave him the go ahead to replace the water heater in my home. He showed up on time and with all the necessary parts to do the job. Frank knew exactly how to do the job right and his level of expertise exceeded my expectation which is not an easy feat. He not only did what he said he was going to do at the price he said he would charge he went beyond that to bring everything into compliance with code and all at the quoted price. When I asked about replacing a valve to the water tank that was outside the scope of work he quoted, he gladly replaced it and only charged me for the part at a cost that was less than at the big box store. Due to an accompanying solar water heater on the same system, the 40 gallon gas water heater replacement was a little more difficult and took more time than normal to install. The average plumber would have charged more or at the least been upset over the extra amount of work but not Frank. He did not charge me more, had a positive attitude the whole time, and when the job was done he thanked me again for choosing him. It has been a long time since I have been so impressed with service I received. Frank is one of a kind and you should feel confident calling him. If you are looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, hard working, and honest company to replace your water heater, Just Water Heaters is that company.

Terry P
Tucson, AZ