Permits and inspections are required for water heater replacement and new installation because of fire, electric shock, or explosion safety hazards.

Replacement of an existing water heater must be installed to meet current Pima County Codes. If a water heater is installed by a home owner, a handy man or an unlicensed subcontractor working for a big box store there can be issues if something goes wrong. If the water heater was installed incorrectly and it causes a flood or a fire inside the house the insurance company may deny your claim for damages.

The inspections allows for the verification that everything was done correctly. When your water heater is inspected it is checked for the following items:

  • Drain pan installed when applicable
  • Exhaust vents are properly connected and supported
  • Temperature and pressure relief valves are installed in correct location and the rating is compatible with temperature conditions
  • Temperature and pressure relief discharge pipes properly.
  • Exhaust vents are properly connected and supported
  • Gas lines are properly supported.

Just Water Heaters saves you time and money by obtaining the necessary permit and completing the inspection.
All included in the low price of $599.00+tax*!

*Just Water Heaters is a licensed, certified and insured Tucson plumbing company. Price is for a new 40 Gallon gas water heater including delivery, installation, permit and inspection. Code upgrades may be extra. Trip charge may apply. Oro Valley permits extra. Price does not include tax.