I called Just Water Heaters following an exorbitant quote given to me, on Christmas Eve, by another company that I would not consider paying. Charges were included by that company for a pan, permit, access (even though there was no access issue), etc., etc. I still had to pay that company the service call fee, even though I now had no hot water at all.

I was at a loss as to how to get hot water in time for family to arrive for the Holiday, after calling six different companies. Then I read about Just Water Heaters and contacted them to see if there was a chance they could replace my heater before Christmas prevented anyone’s ability to come. The owner sounded very honest on the phone and gave me a reasonable quote. He came in less than an hour; was fast, thorough and helpful; and he charged exactly what was quoted on the phone even though I made a mistake and gave him the wrong height for the heater. That mistake—on my part—caused him extra time and work. Rightly, I should have been charged for that extra, but the final bill was just as I had been told beforehand that it would be.

I feel very pleased and glad to know a company I can trust and recommend to others, Just Water Heaters.
—John RO
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