All I want for Christmas is hot water!

Having a broken water heater is NOT want you want this holiday season. Dishes are harder to do when you have to heat water on the stove to wash them and guests don’t appreciate cold showers. However, you may be close to a water heater meltdown and not even know it.

Now that the Tucson temperatures are colder at night the water in your plumbing is colder. This means your water heater needs to work a little longer and harder to get the water up to your set temperature. In addition, the difference between the hot water on the top of the tank and cold water coming in at the bottom is greater, causing extra flexing of the tank itself. Not to mention, all the extra use it will have with kids home from college, grandma coming for an extended visit, extra holiday dishes and all the extra laundry. If your water heater is older (over 8 years) this may push your tank beyond its limits.

If you know your water heater is old, you may want to replace it now before a water heater meltdown ruins your holiday plans. It can be an irritant at the very least, with showers running out of hot water and squabbles arising over extended bathroom use. At the worst, it can lead to a major breakdown, forcing an emergency plumbing call at a time when you want to focus on enjoying the holidays.

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