We believe water heaters should be installed only by professionals.

An inexperienced installer could choose the improper water heater size, install improper vents or valves, choose wrong gas line sizing, damage delicate parts or many other things that could cause a flood or fire in your home. Improperly installed water heaters can cause serious injuries including fire, electric shock, or explosion safety hazards.

Consider these questions as you decide whether you want to tackle the job:

  • How will you get rid of your old water heater? Call for local codes governing disposal of such appliances. (Just Water Heaters we will dispose of the old water heater for you.)
  • Will you be able to physically handle the unit? Water heaters are bulky and heavy. You’ll appreciate having some help.
  • Do you have the tools necessary to do the job? The necessary tools are basic, but you will need adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, a hacksaw and some good pliers. You may also need a propane torch if your installation uses copper pipe.
  • Do you have time to do the job? Replacing a water heater is not something you can do bit by bit. You must have heated water, so once you start, you’ll have to finish.

Just Water Heaters can save you time and money on your professional Tucson water heater installation.

Just Water Heaters offers you a low price of $599.99* on Tucson Water Heater Installation! Call Today 520-488-0816.

*Just Water Heaters is a licensed, certified and insured Tucson plumbing company. Price is for a new 40 Gallon gas water heater including delivery, installation, permit and inspection. Code upgrades may be extra. Trip charge may apply. Oro Valley permits extra.