When installing a new water heater in Southern Arizona a building permit is required.

“A permit and inspections are required for most residential projects including porches, additions, and equipment such as air conditioners and water heaters. If new work is performed such as replacement of gas piping, a plan may be necessary to obtain the permit.

It is the homeowner/property owner’s responsibility to provide plans and obtain a permit”

City of Tucson Planning and Development Services

A typical Water Heater permit in Pima County cost $109. At Just Water Heaters we will process the permit for you and it is included in the price. Just Water Heaters is a certified water heater installer and we receive a discount on permits and pass that savings on to you. There are some plumbers that are willing to replace your water heater without processing a permit. If you install a water heater without a permit and get caught, you will have to obtain the permit when you get caught. Just Water Heaters will NOT perform work without pulling a permit.

Just Water Heaters saves you time and money by obtaining the necessary permit and completing the inspection.
All included in the low price of $599.00+tax*!

*Just Water Heaters is a licensed, certified and insured Tucson plumbing company. Price is for a new 40 Gallon electric water heater including delivery, installation, permit and inspection. Code upgrades may be extra. Trip charge may apply. Oro Valley permits extra. Price does not include tax.